Our practice team constantly strive to give you the best possible care and attention.  Practice policies and procedures are developed to meet current legislation regulating the healthcare industry.  Our practice has AGPAL Accreditation and we participate in re-Accreditation each 3 years.

At this time we seek formal feedback from our patients to assist us in meeting our Quality & Continuous Improvement Program, and to continually improve our services.

From our last feedback we have improved our reception coverage and check-in, we have increased our Chronic Disease program and have female Nurse Led Well Women’s Clinics.

Suggestions & Feedback

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, there is a suggestion box located in both waiting rooms. 

Please feel free to write down your suggestion or feedback and place it in one of these boxes.  These will be collected at regular intervals and reported to the Quality Improvement Team for action where applicable.

If you prefer you can also print off our Suggestion/Feedback Form attached below and after completing, drop it into the practice or send via post to Quality Improvement Officer, YDMG, 72 Woods Road, Yarrawonga, Vic, 3730


Our practice has a Complaints Management Procedure in place and Complaint/Suggestion forms are available in our waiting rooms. 

We also have a Complaints Officer.  Please ask to see, or write to, the Complaints Officer (or if preferable the Practice Manager), if you have a complaint and our Complaints Procedure will be followed.

You may also access our Complaints Record Form below and drop your completed form into the practice or post it to the Complaints Officer, YDMG, 72 Woods Road, Yarrawonga, Vic, 3730

In the event that we are not able to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction you can contact the Health Services Commission, Level 30, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000 – Ph: (03) 8601 5200

Suggestion-Comment-Compliment-Complaint Form

If you wish to register a Suggestion for Improvement, a Comment, a Compliment or a Complaint to YDMG, please complete this form and return it to : The QIT/Complaints Officer, YDMG, 72 Woods Rd, Yarrawonga, Vic., 3730; or via email to Please note if sending to us via email : a) This email address is checked throughout the day by a designated reception staff member, where emails are read and actioned accordingly, so please be aware of privacy and confidentiality with this mode of delivery. b) Electronic information is transmitted over public network using an encrypted format with secure messaging software. c) YDMG have policies, procedures and systems in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy but there is still sometimes a risk associated with methods of electronic communication.
1. Name and details of the person making the suggestion/comment/compliment/complaint
If anonymous please write ‘ANON’
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Please tick applicable boxes below
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Contact Us

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Our practice has policies & procedures in place to protect your privacy & confidentiality.  There are risks associated with some methods of electronic communication, such as email.  Please be aware that communication via electronic means may compromise your privacy and confidentiality.

Please do NOT use email to contact the practice in case of emergency.

If you are wanting to contact your Doctor, please contact our Practice Nurses during our opening hours and leave a message.  Your message will be triaged by our nursing staff and forwarded to the Doctor concerned and you will receive a response as soon as practicable.