At YDMG we are dedicated to providing outstanding care and your medical results are an important part of our service.


The new process

  • Once your test results are back and reviewed by your Dr you will receive a text message
  • This message will give you instructions, it will ask you to call or go online to book an:

            – Urgent appointment
            – Non urgent appointment
            – Or no further action required

**Remember to keep your review appointment if one has been made**


  • We no longer have a designated “Results Nurse”
  • Please be assured if your results are URGENT you will be contacted
  • Please be assured if you do not have a mobile phone you will be contacted

Please see our friendly staff if you have any questions & thank you all for your cooperation

It is important that when you see your GP you discuss options for receiving your results. If you are having any form of testing, we recommend making a follow up appointment to discuss the results with your doctor after the test is performed.

If your results are abnormal or require further follow up you will be contacted by one of our nursing staff.

Urgent Results

If you have urgent results requiring follow up you will be contacted. Our nurses monitor and ensure these results are followed up daily.

Normal results – NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS

Non-urgent Results

These are results your GP is happy to follow up in the next 2-4 weeks. You will receive an SMS or a call from our nurses asking you to make an appointment in 2-4 weeks.

If you have any further questions, please talk to your doctor.


Contact Us

(03) 5744 1777
(03) 5744 2483 - FAX

Our Location


Email: Please do NOT use email to contact the practice in case of emergency or for medical or clinical queries.

For general enquiries:

To provide Feedback:

Please note if sending to us via email:

a) These email addresses are checked throughout the day by a designated staff member, where emails are read and actioned accordingly, so please be aware of privacy and confidentiality with this mode of deliver,.

b) Electronic information is transmitted over public network using an encrypted format with secure messaging software, c) YDMG have policies, procedures and systemi in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy but there is still sometimes a risk associated with methods of electronic communication.

Our practice has policies & procedures in place to protect your privacy & confidentiality.  There are risks associated with some methods of electronic communication, such as email.  Please be aware that communication via electronic means may compromise your privacy and confidentiality.

Please do NOT use email to contact the practice in case of emergency.

If you are wanting to contact your Doctor, please contact our Practice Nurses during our opening hours and leave a message.  Your message will be triaged by our nursing staff and forwarded to the Doctor concerned and you will receive a response as soon as practicable.