You can speak with your doctor if you would like a summary of your care or a full medical record. You can also complete a Patient Request for Personal Health Information/Medical Records Application Form which is available at reception. You will be asked for verification of your identity. While you have a general right to access your information, the FOI Act and privacy legislation does include some exceptions to this right of access.

Our practice acknowledges that patients may request access to their medical records and health information. Patients are advised of their right of access through our YDMG Information Brochure and our Privacy Policy & Statement.

  • If a patient requests a summary of their care or a full medical record, staff must provide them with a “Patient Request for Personal Health Information/Medical Records Application Form” form and ask them to complete this form.
  • Staff will advise the patient of any fee or cost that may be associated with their request.
  • Requests will be given to the doctor for consideration and approval/refusal decision.
  • The practice will respond to such a request within 30 days.

Where a patient is provided with access to their medical record and/or health information, the doctor or health professional may desire a meeting with the patient to clarify its contents and discuss any concerns with the patient.

Whilst patients do have a general right to access their information, our practice is not required to provide access if they reasonably believe:


  • it would unreasonably impact the privacy of another
  • it may threaten the life, health or safety of another or the public.

If the practice is considering refusing access we will obtain professional advice prior to communicating this to the patient.

Refusal to grant access will be communicated in writing with reasons and the process available for lodging a complaint.

    Transferring of patient records

    Patients who request to have their records transferred to another clinic are required to complete a signed request form which they must obtain from their new clinic.  The new clinic will then provide that request form to our practice.  Records will then be sent accordingly, either electronically or printed and sent via the mail whilst meeting our confidentiality requirements.  There is a fee associated for this service.

    Patients who wish to transfer to YDMG from another clinic will be given a YDMG request form to complete and sign, which is then forwarded to their original clinic. The patient’s original clinic may charge a fee for this.

    Fees for this service

    There are fees applicable for the above services.  YDMGs “Release of/Access to Personal Health Information/Medical Records Fees & Charges Schedule” has set fees in accordance with the ‘HCC Fees to Access Health Information Checklist”.  A copy of this schedule is available at Reception.


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    Email: Please do NOT use email to contact the practice in case of emergency or for medical or clinical queries.

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    Please note if sending to us via email:

    a) These email addresses are checked throughout the day by a designated staff member, where emails are read and actioned accordingly, so please be aware of privacy and confidentiality with this mode of deliver,.

    b) Electronic information is transmitted over public network using an encrypted format with secure messaging software, c) YDMG have policies, procedures and systemi in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy but there is still sometimes a risk associated with methods of electronic communication.

    Our practice has policies & procedures in place to protect your privacy & confidentiality.  There are risks associated with some methods of electronic communication, such as email.  Please be aware that communication via electronic means may compromise your privacy and confidentiality.

    Please do NOT use email to contact the practice in case of emergency.

    If you are wanting to contact your Doctor, please contact our Practice Nurses during our opening hours and leave a message.  Your message will be triaged by our nursing staff and forwarded to the Doctor concerned and you will receive a response as soon as practicable.