Obstetrics Care

Obstetrics Doctors

We provide prenatal (before pregnancy/planning pregnancy), antenatal (during pregnancy), intrapartum (delivery at Yarrawonga hospital) and post natal care.

We participate in shared care (where delivery is not in Yarrawonga – for example at Wangaratta).

We currently have 2 doctors who perform intrapartum care – Dr Tania Jones and Dr Murali Ooruthiran. Weekends are shared with the other clinic – Dr Clyde Ronan. At times where a GP obstetrician is not available women may need to give birth in Wangaratta coming back to Yarrawonga after birth has occurred. Our local hospital midwives are involved in the antenatal and postnatal care as well.

Planning pregnancy

Deciding to fall pregnant is a very important time, and with good planning you can optimise your health for you and your baby.

It is important to ensure your pap smear is up to date, great to check if your rubella is immune, that you are taking folic acid and iodine supplements, that you have enough Vitamin D in your system. It is a great time to reflect on your overall health, weight, blood pressure, exercise, stopping smoking and alcohol. Seeing your GP at this time is a very valuable thing to do.

Clinic standard opening hours are: - Monday - Thursday
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- Saturday & Sunday
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Medical Education

The doctors at this clinic have been involved in the education of medical students from the University of Melbourne, interns from the M2M(Murray to Mountains) programme and young GPs from Bogong Regional Training Network who are completing their training (GP registrars).


We run Skin Clinics on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, bookings are required.

Shingles vaccine – Free to all over 70 - 79.

Flu vaccine – Free to pregnant women and those over the age of 65.
$16 - Flu needle available at the clinic.

Whooping Cough vaccine – Free to pregnant women.
$45 - Available to all others who require it.